Deep Run Hunt Club

  • 2013 Opening Meet
  • Kennels on Broad Street
  • The Kennels at Their Current Location
  • The Shield Family - 1977
  • 3 "Over 70s"
  • 1997 - New Year's Day
  • 1961 - On a Run
  • 1928 Whippers-In, Huntsman, and Master
  • Moving Out - Bill Sigafoos photo
  • New Year's Day
  • Hunting from Braedon
  • Deep Run Puppy - Bill Sigafoos photo
  • Nancy Reed
  • Stirrup Cup - C.L.Sigmon & Lee Howell
  • Garland Toney, Sr., Margaret Franklin

We are trying to create awareness for a fundraiser. And since our very own Dick Sage did the artwork for the shirt, perhaps you might be interested in sharing with others. 

I am running a Bonfire Fund Campaign through my Porch & Hound brand through June 21st to raise money for the Goochland Animal Shelter. Purchases may be made by June 21st at which time, sales will close and shirts will be printed and mailed directly to buyers.   If you are able to pass along to the members or just friends, I would really appreciate it!

Also, the adoption fee for hounds at the Shelter has been waived at this time.  They are inundated with hounds and need to find homes asap!  Saw a few yesterday, want to take them all home!

Thank you for passing along to whomever you may deem interested!  Hope to see you at the AA show!

Laura Stewart
(804) 339-6044