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Results prepared and submitted by Jessie Clise
  Team Number Team Name Team Members Time    
Optimum Time
1 178 Rahd Stahp Nikita and Rod 1:22:22  
2 152 Just 4 the Ride of it Gale, Ginny 1:16:13   1:20:00
3 177 Sarah and Joanne Sarah and Joanne 1:34:37    
4 157 Levremont Farm Sarah, Jesslyn, Rageena 1:35:00    
5 179 Oakland Farm Lisa and Pricilla 1:35:32    
6 187 Hardy-Milhisner Mary and Margo 1:39:13    
Optimum Time
1 181 Plumbroke Cathy and Courtney 1:32:24  
2 183 Speed of Light Carter, Elizabeth, Mary and Grace 1:29:46   1:35:00
3 153 Babes in Britches Sophie, Kim, and Melissa 1:41:37    
4 161 Tom and the Heartbreakers Jane, Sandra, Lara, and Tom 1:41:46    
5 149 Lug-Nutz Elizabeth, Cathy 1:45:37    
6 174 Kline Klan Joanne, Nick, Mollie, and Julia 1:45:46    
Optimum Time
1 163 Sunnyside Farm Elizabeth and Marshall 1:39:31  
2 159 Mane Event Gretel, Layla, and Emily 1:44:03   1:35:00
3 185 In it to Win it Gabriella, Riley 1:25:09    
4 186 Not Fast, Just Furious Jordan, Maddie, Caitlyn 1:25:09    
5 150 Swift Creek Amaya and Breanna 2:02:54    
6 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A    

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Of all the recreations with which mortal man is blessed
Go where he will, foxhunting still is pleasantest and best. 
- Anonymous

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DRHC 2023 Calendar Arriving Soon to be Available for Purchase - Reserve Your Copies Now!

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Our 2023 DRHC Calendar will arrive on January 9th. Please feel free to email Elissa at: and let her know how many copies you wish to reserve.
Each calendar costs $30 and can be paid for by check or charged to your Deep Run account.
For every calendar sold $9.66 will be donated to our Hounds.       Thank you, Kim  

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2022 Fall Hunter Pace at Sunnyside Farm Results

Results prepared and submitted by Jessie Clise
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