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Results prepared and submitted by Jessie Clise
  Team Number Team Name Team Members Time    
Optimum Time
1 178 Rahd Stahp Nikita and Rod 1:22:22  
2 152 Just 4 the Ride of it Gale, Ginny 1:16:13   1:20:00
3 177 Sarah and Joanne Sarah and Joanne 1:34:37    
4 157 Levremont Farm Sarah, Jesslyn, Rageena 1:35:00    
5 179 Oakland Farm Lisa and Pricilla 1:35:32    
6 187 Hardy-Milhisner Mary and Margo 1:39:13    
Optimum Time
1 181 Plumbroke Cathy and Courtney 1:32:24  
2 183 Speed of Light Carter, Elizabeth, Mary and Grace 1:29:46   1:35:00
3 153 Babes in Britches Sophie, Kim, and Melissa 1:41:37    
4 161 Tom and the Heartbreakers Jane, Sandra, Lara, and Tom 1:41:46    
5 149 Lug-Nutz Elizabeth, Cathy 1:45:37    
6 174 Kline Klan Joanne, Nick, Mollie, and Julia 1:45:46    
Optimum Time
1 163 Sunnyside Farm Elizabeth and Marshall 1:39:31  
2 159 Mane Event Gretel, Layla, and Emily 1:44:03   1:35:00
3 185 In it to Win it Gabriella, Riley 1:25:09    
4 186 Not Fast, Just Furious Jordan, Maddie, Caitlyn 1:25:09    
5 150 Swift Creek Amaya and Breanna 2:02:54    
6 #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A    

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2022 Fall Hunter Pace at Sunnyside Farm Results

Results prepared and submitted by Jessie Clise
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In Memoriam - Dr. William Lee Wilkes

William Lee Wilkes, MD – March 30, 1941 – July 13, 2022

After a life well lived, William Lee Wilkes, MD passed away peacefully with his beloved three children, Natalie, Kim and Forrest at his side on July 13, 2022.

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Deep Run Kennelman Position Available

The Deep Run Kennelman position is open. Housing, competitive salary, and benefits are offered. Position available immediately. Must have good driving record, be proficient at driving a tractor, and using small equipment including a chain saw. Anyone interested, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please contact the Masters directly.
Ginny Perrin 
Marsh Davis 
Polly Bance 

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Photos from Joint Meet with Princess Anne Hunt

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